OSHA Recordkeeping Q&A: Injury at the end of 2015 with days away from work in 2016


An employee who was injured in 2015 had days away from work and restricted work that ran over into 2016. Do I record his days away from work in 2016 onto the 2016 log or do I go back and record it on the 2015 log when the accident actually occurred?


You must enter the number of calendar days away for the injury or illness on the OSHA 300 Log for the year in which the injury occurred. If the employee is still away from work because of the injury when you prepare the annual summary, estimate the total number of calendar days you expect the employee to be away from work, use this number to calculate the total for the annual summary, and then update the initial log entry later when the day count is known or reaches the 180-day cap.