Strategies and tactics to help you grow your business.

Property & Casualty

As we get to know you, we learn about the strategies that have or haven't worked for you in the past, the current status of your business and its risk management program, and where you want to take the company in the future so that we can tailor a program that will fit for you as you achieve your goals. Over the long-term, your business will grow, so we constantly look for ways to improve your protection while keeping your bottom line costs as low as possible.

If you are tired of going through the same old process each year with agents who don't provide enough value for the commission you pay them, we may be able to help.

Are you being overcharged for your workers' compensation?

1.34 mod points.png

With so many moving parts in the workers' comp puzzle, mistakes are constantly made, and this typically leads to employers paying more than they should for their workers' comp premium. We execute several strategies to ensure you are not currently being overcharged, and we also help you set up the infrastructure to keep your costs down in going forward.

For one such method, we leverage our in-house claims team, and they have saved our clients on average 1.34 points on their experience mod for which they otherwise would have been charged in the upcoming policy year.

Employee Benefits

One of the biggest issues facing companies is remaining competitive with your compensation and benefits. We help you plan strategically so that employment issues don't slow you down from a financial or morale standpoint.

The Affordable Care Act changed the landscape of the Employee Benefits field. Are you confused about all the new regulations? Concerned about keeping up with compliance? We have partnered with one of the best Human Resources platforms in the country to give you resources at your fingertips and to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

We help our clients with...

  • Choosing the right plan
  • New reporting requirements
  • Keeping track of Affordable Care Act developments and deadlines
  • "Pay or Play" decisions
  • Information tracking
  • Answers to tough HR questions
  • Legislative updates
  • And more