Our History

Our agency has a deep history in serving our community since 1906. Peoples First Insurance was formed by the merger of two prominent insurance agencies in Rock Hill: Peoples Trust Company and First Insurance Agency. The merger took place in 1985.

Both agencies were at one time the insurance divisions of two local banks.

Founded as the real estate division of a local bank, Peoples Trust Company was organized in 1906. John R. London was president when the merger took place.

First Insurance Agency was established as the insurance department of Central Union Bank of Rock Hill. Ben Dunlap bought First Insurance in 1933 and later left to become President of Rock Hill National Bank. His son-in- law, Jimmy Galloway, and Jennings Neely became partners and operated First Insurance Agency until 1983 when Jimmy Galloway bought Mr. Neely’s share. Starting with Ben Dunlap’s acquisition, our agency has been under the direction of four generations of the same family.

Over the years, we have purchased several insurance agencies, the most recent being the Insurance Centre of Rock Hill, SC in 2006. Our success can be attributed to our philosophy of the Three Legged Stool. To achieve our goals, we must serve our customers to the best of our abilities, we must strive to retain an excellent staff, and we must maintain good relationships with the companies that provide the best coverages for our customers. We will continue to challenge ourselves to make this process work.

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