How Can I Keep my Family Safe During the Holiday Season?

Did you know that holiday decorating and cooking are the two leading causes of home fires? This year, keep the warmth of the holidays where it belongs — in your heart — with these easy to remember fire safety tips:

  • Scan for heat sources before you decorate. Candles, Jack-o-Lanterns, and hot Christmas lights are common trouble spots. Consider cool and cost effective LED lights.
  • Never leave hot stove tops unattended during cooking.
  • If a cooking fire erupts, calmly slide a cookie sheet over the top of the pan to eliminate the oxygen and put the fire out. Do not move the pan or try to put the fire out with water.
  • Run through a holiday fire evacuation plan with all occupants, especially visitors.
  • Itemize and photograph belongings in case you sustain fire damage and need to file an insurance claim. If you haven’t itemized your belongings yet (even if you’re just renting) download the form at the website below to help you keep it orderly.

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